Assignment 5 – task 3 – project 15 – print 4

for my fourth combined print I returned to the goat as the primary source. I wanted to produce a print that conveyed the mystery and history of the goat. I have during this course learnt a lot about this ancient domestic creature. They have a long history that can be traced back though centuries. They also have a very eventful history being at various times either revered or viewed as satanic. In my first sketches I drew my goat with a golden halo. I also decided to add golden letters spelling the word ” gold” deprived from their name ” golden Guernsey “.

I began the first stage of my print by producing a monoprint of a goat with just its head  captured in profile. I used oil based inks and mixed primary colours and white. I used a brush to apply the ink using fairly large brush marks to build up tone and suggest the texture of the goats Woolley coat. Using Lino I carved the word “gold” I made a conscious effect to reverse the letters. I also decided rather than using all gold for the letters I would use black ink with some gold foil chine colle placed randomly onto the letters. I was aiming for bold letters – uneven and mysterious looking to pose questions  as to what the word means and also to suggest the ancient primeval spirituality of the goat. I decided not to go with a halo – as my monoprint seemed to suggest the innocent of the goat.

I did have a huge mistake the “d” letter i didn’t reverse!  – but I feel that this didn’t matter ( as it’s a reflection of my dyslexia , and adds an air of mystery ). I also feel that I over inked the ‘G”. Despite my technical failings I really like the final print it more or less conveys the message that I was hoping to achieve. 

Author: sarah515110

I am a librarian studying in my spare time for a BA in drawing with the open college of the arts. I began my studying journey in October 2015 and i have really enjoyed the opportunity to explore my personal creative voice - it’s challenging but rewarding as the course is leading me on an exciting journey

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